Reality Fiction

Cosmo de la Fuente: “in the real life, we are all characters in search of an author”

A role every day

Between fiction and supposed real life, we are all characters in search of an author

Highlighting your feelings by drawing on your own experience is a great way to allow the audience to experience the same feelings, passions, fears and joys that the character you play is experiencing.

You don’t have to conceive it as a fiction, but you have to be able to feel and relive those facts of your life that correspond or are very close to the scene you are interpreting or, better still, that you are reliving. If we went to examine real life we ​​would find that it is much more fiction than that interpreted by impersonating a role. A great of Italian literature, Luigi Pirandello, teaches us this through “Six characters in search of an author”.

On a stage a company of actors rehearses the comedy ‘The game of the parts’. Six individuals break in, a Father, a Mother, the Son, the Stepdaughter, the Young Man and the Child, characters rejected by the writer who conceived them. They ask the manager to give them artistic life and to stage their drama.

It is Luigi Pirandello’s most famous drama. It was performed for the first time on May 9, 1921 at the Valle theater in Rome, but on that occasion it had a stormy outcome, because many spectators contested the performance with the cry of “Asylum!

For Luigi Pirandello, we men and women, inauthentic beings, hide our true self behind a mask, we wear one or more masks, because we are beings without identity and, during the course of life we ​​adapt to it, we are trapped there. behind. Life is therefore a long comedy on the stage of life, where each of us plays our part and, by choice, decides to be a character-mask or a person with a true identity.

In real life, we are all characters in search of an author and someone who allows us to exist. The best teachers are always the great political representatives.

Who better than them wears the most appropriate mask to conquer the public?

The question I try to answer is: are we actors more real playing a part or in our real life? We are all actors and, in the course of our so-called real life, we put on make-up and dress to play one or more roles.

Yes, I am convinced: a life for each role!

Cosmo de la Fuente