In the listening scenes the eyes are important and he is fully aware of it

The particular actor's interpretations of Cosmo de la Fuente

In his interpretations he manages to make people believe that he is trying everything that his character feels, whatever it is, even those considered “the bad guys”, in search of humanity.
When he is allowed to do so, he manages to surprise the audience, so that the viewer cannot predict what reaction he will have to what happens in the film, knowing the extent of possible human behaviors and the depth of their own.

His sensitivity is wonderful. Without hesitation, he lets that part of himself made up of fear and pain emerge, that part in life that tends to hide.
He doesn’t hesitate to let his real feelings emerge.
Incisive and touching interpretations.
Among the most fascinating features of Cosmo, is the interpretation of listening. In the listening scenes the face and eyes are important and he is fully aware of them. The words he hears become living expressions painted on his face and screamed by his intense gaze. His big and expressive eyes always leave the mark.

His first experiences as a child by chance for Radio Caracas TelevisiĆ³n, the first parts in the telenovelas of the 80s. In Italy both Rai and Mediaset film and television productions. For some years it was a game for him, acting only on weekends so as not to take away time from school, but it turned out to be a real profession that he followed with commitment working with important directors. Cosmo is one of those exceptions which include charismatic personalities who have achieved public recognition. He believes that believing in oneself and listening to what the heart dictates is undoubtedly the winning weapon for achieving the goals we set ourselves.