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Cosmo de la Fuente Latin Actor

I have wonderful memories of my childhood, of colors, flavors, scents, of the beautiful Venezuelan people. When I was 18 I went to live in Italy, in Turin, with my family. My father had decided to return to live in Europe, but my heart remained Latin.
I love Italy and the origins of my parents, I am in love with the United States which gave me great opportunities but my Venezuelan childhood remains in my heart.
This plurality has marked my life. Being an actor is my outlet which allows me to be more people playing different roles.
I studied in Venezuela and Italy, graduated in Linguistic Mediation and Modern Languages and Literatures and I devoted myself to the work activities that he felt were closest to my way of being. To support my studies and study courses in journalism and dramatic art, I worked in the kitchens of restaurants in Italy and throughout Europe, at the same time I cultivated my artistic passion.
For a certain period of my professional life I was a university teacher alternating between the profession of actor and artist,

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Many are surprised and consider him a versatile type but, he replies: “I just had the good fortune to do what I’m passionate about.
Like everyone else, I also happen to have periods in which employment contracts are scarce. So I dedicate myself to other jobs, but all with a common denominator: being with people. What’s more beautiful than the simplicity of life to never lose your sensitivity?
I deal with journalism, but not only! To keep my feet on the ground, I sometimes even dedicate myself to my first job, that of a cook. It is hard work, but it allows me to maintain contact with reality and human exchange starting from the simplest bases. I love listening to people’s stories, from the simplest to the most complicated things, it is a way to inspire me in the interpretation of the characters that are proposed to me.